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Top Five Most Recognizable Facial Hair in MMA


It’s that time of year again. No, don’t break out the Christmas decorations and eggnog just yet, it’s time for men all over the country to throw away their razors and join the Movember movement. Millions of mustaches go unkempt this time of year as participants raise awareness for men’s health issues.

While MMA fighters don’t need a reason to stop trimming, many have beards worthy of winning a Moscar, an award given to the best Movember videos. And like any award show, only the best can be selected. Fu Manchu’s, soul patches and chin whiskers need not apply.

Here are the five fighters who sport the most recognizable facial hair in MMA.

5. Ian McCall


McCall’s handlebar mustache fits all too well with his nickname “Uncle Creepy.” While he has competed professionally since 2002, McCall has just recently begun to gain worldwide recognition as a flyweight in the UFC. There are few, if any other, handlebars in MMA, none of which compare with McCall’s.

4. Cody McKenzie

cody mckenize

Something about McKenzie’s moustache-goatee combo makes one want to bring out they Guy Fawkes mask. While he is also fairly new to the UFC, he has already made a name for himself with his modified guillotine choke, the Mckenzietine. The nickname may not catch on but his facial hair has already made McKenzie memorable.

3. Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson

“Big Country’s” horribly tangled mullet needed some company. Nelson fits the image of a country boy to a tee with a beard so outrageous that it nearly cost him a fight. Before their bout at UFC 166 last month, Daniel Cormier filed a complaint against Nelson’s beard citing that it should be considered an unfair advantage. Cormier lost the appeal, but won the match.

2. Kimbo Slice

kimbo slice

Slice’s beard will eat your beard for breakfast. As a fighter who got his break through viral street fight videos, the thuggish image Slice portrays is intensified with his well-groomed facial hair. It was even a sticking point during negotiations for The Ultimate Fighter 10 when Slice tried to get a protection clause put into his contract, in case any of his roommates tried to shave it off. Anyone who sees their beard as an investment should not be approach with a razor.

1. Dan Severn


In another life, Severn was adult film star. Aside from Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck, few men can be idolized for their moustache, yet Dan Severn’s cookie duster is nearly as memorable as his MMA career. At 55-years-old, Severn has maintained his well-combed facial hair throughout his adult life, including stints in the World Wrestling Federation, King of the Cage and PRIDE FC. He is the godfather of facial hair in MMA.