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Fight Night 31 Results: Yoel Romero Knocks Ronny Markes Out Cold

Photo by UFC

Nova Uniao fighter Ronny Markes met Olympic silver medalist Yoel “Soldier of God” Romero at UFC Fight Night 31.

Despite Romero’s wrestling acumen, Markes grabbed the first takedown of the fight. Romero quickly bounced back to his feet, but was quickly dropped again by a big punch from Markes. With two minutes to go in the first, Markes once again took Romero down, controlling the wrestler from the half guard. A failed kimura attempt gave Romero the space he needed to escape though, and the two closed out the round trading strikes.

Romero seemed to be slowly gaining the advantage as the second round progressed, with his unorthodox striking style seemingly frustrating his opponent. Romero managed to further his lead by muscling Markes to the ground, letting him back up moments later. A noticeably sluggish Markes looked to be tiring and Romero continued to tag him with solid shots.

A body kicked dropped Markes yet again, although Romero seemed hesitant to engage the Brazilian on the ground, letting him stand once again. As the second round closed, Markes looked to even things up with some aggressive striking. Romero’s solid head movement and speed prevented Markes from doing much damage, but a few clean shots still made it through.

Markes opened the third round aggressively, swinging wildly and diving for a takedown. An eye poke paused the action momentarily, although things picked up right away when a straight left from Romero knocked Markes out cold.