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Alexis Davis Earns a Unanimous Decision Victory Over Liz Carmouche

Photo by UFC

In the last fight before the main event, Liz Carmouche faced off against Canada’s Alexis Davis.

The first round started at a slow pace as both fighters traded a few leg kicks. Neither fighter seemed willing to engage, and the fighters continued to size each other up all through the round. The round consisted mostly of Davis pushing forward, chopping at Carmouche with leg kicks.

The second round offered some more action as Davis began to aggressively push forward. As the fighters engaged, Carmouche caught Davis with a big punch and opened a cut over her left eye. The left side of Davis’s face became covered in blood, but she didn’t seem to care, and she continued to press forward and land more leg kicks and punches. At about the four-minute mark of the second round, Davis scored a takedown by catching a kick and tripping Carmouche to the mat. Carmouche scrambled and worked for a reversal with less than ten seconds left in the round.

The third round began with an aggressive Davis rushing forward and pressing Carmouche up against the fence. Some small knees and punches were landed from the clinch as both fighters pummeled for control. Davis relentlessly continued to press forward, chopping at Carmouche’s lead leg and throwing crisp punching combinations.

Davis’s Persistence earned her a unanimous decision victory, advancing her UFC record to 2-0.