Home Events UFC Fight Night 31: Rustam Khabilov Defeats Jorge Masdival via Unanimous Decision

UFC Fight Night 31: Rustam Khabilov Defeats Jorge Masdival via Unanimous Decision

Photo by UFC

Khabilov lands a big overhand right to start the frame. Remarkably, Masdival eats it and seems undaunted. Khabilov continuously dances around Masdival, timing his overhand right over and over again. Masdival successfully defends a single leg attempt by Khabilov, and follows with a flying knee, Khavilov catches the knee, and briefly takes him to the ground before Masdival is able to work his way back to his feet.

As the second round begins, we see more of the same: Khabilov circling Masdival and timing his overhand rights. Both fighters are calculating and seem very cautious in when they decide to throw strikes. With less than two minutes remaining in the round, Masdival trips Khabilov to the ground from the clinch. Khavilov is able to use the fence to get back to his feet. Then, Khabilov takes Masdival down, and the two quickly scramble to their feet again.

The third round starts off with hard one-two combinations thrown by Khabilov, only to be blocked by Masdival. All of the sudden, Khabilov lands a huge spinning heel kick right on the jaw of Masdival and knocks him down. He immediately jumps on him and attempts multiple choke holds, but Masdival successfully spins out of every attempt. The two get back to their feet but quickly engage in another scramble, with neither fighter able to obtain a significant advantage over the other. Both fighters become visibly exhausted, but continue to attack one another with strikes and takedown attempts.

Khabilov earns a unanimous decision victory.