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UFC: Fight for the Troops Fox Sports 1 Prelim Results

Photo by UFC

UFC: Fight for the Troops out of Fort Campbell in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Amanda Nunes def. Germaine De Randamie via TKO

The fight began with both ladies throwing kicks, but hitting mostly air. As the fight continued, Nunes earned a takedown by pressing GDR up against the cage after catching one of her kicks. Nunes managed to work her way towards full mount, and began to unload some elbows onto GDR. GDR did a decent job of blocking lots of her opponent’s elbows, but eventually succumbed to the barrage of strikes and Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Dennis Bermudez def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision

Both fighters immediately began trading jabs. Bermudez ducked under a jab, shot for a double leg and earned a takedown. Siler used the fence to work back to his feet. Bermudez kneed Siler in the groin and the ref briefly separated them. The fighters traded more shots and Bermudez blasted Siler with a double leg, Siler locked in a guillotine but Bermudez managed to escape. A scramble ensued and Siler locked in a triangle, Bermudez impressively lifted Siler off the ground and slammed him to the mat. The fighters got back up and Bermudez double leg slammed Siler yet again, Siler attempted another guillotine attempt but Bermudez muscled him off. Another scramble followed and this time it was Bermudez who went for a guillotine. Siler barely managed to roll out of it. Another scramble followed and the round ended shortly after.

The second round began with a failed kick attempt by Bermudez resulting in him slipping and falling to the mat. He immediately got back up and shot for a takedown. Siler went for a guillotine again and Bermudez shrugged it off. The fighters got back to their feet and Bermudez got another double leg takedown. Bermudez ended up in Siler’s guard and but was unable to inflict any substantial damage. Bermuda went for a neck crank but was unable to force Siler to tap.

The final frame started with both fighters trading punches before Bermudez successfully shot a high-crotch takedown. Siler tried to counter with a guillotine but Bermudez rolled out of it and both fighters got back to their feet. The two fighters circled each other and traded jabs and one-two combinations. Siler was doing a good job of sprawling and stuffing Bermudez’s takedown attempts. However, Bermudez still seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges. After a few failed attempts, Bermudez managed another double leg takedown and ended up in Siler’s guard. With less than a minute left, Siler scrambled to his feet but was met by Bermudez locking in a standing guillotine choke. Siler avoided the choke and as the final seconds of the round counted down, both fighters unleashed strikes and gave everything they had in an attempt to finish each other off.

Francisco Rivera def. George Roop via TKO

The first round started off with Roop throwing a big head kick, only for it to be blocked by Rivera. The two fighters began trading and Rivera landed two very hard punches to the face of Roop. In response to Rivera’s punches, Roop shot in for a double leg and got a takedown with Rivera up against the fence. After getting his takedown, Roop was unable to inflict any appreciable damage as Rivera used the cage to work back to his feet. The fighters clinched against the cage before the ref had them separated. Rivera’s wild swings dazed Roop as the fighters continued to exchange strikes. Rivera showed excellent takedown defense as he sprawled and stuffed Roops double leg attempts.

The second round was conducted in a similar manner as the first: Roops throwing straights with Rivera keeping his head down and responding with wild overhands. The referee briefly separated the fighters after Roop accidentally kicked Rivera in the groin while attempting a leg kick. When the fight was resumed, Rivera poured on the punches, knocking Roop down and landing many hard strikes. The ref stopped the fight after Roop was unable to defend himself.

Bobby Green def James Krause via TKO

Krause started strong by using good footwork to circle Green and pepper him with leg kicks and small punches. The fight was briefly paused after Green accidentally landed a front kick to Krause’s groin. The fight resumed and the fighters began exchanging combinations. Neither fighter was trigger shy or afraid of getting hit. Krause seemed to have difficulty landing his punches as Green constantly rolled them off his shoulders. Green landed a second kick to the groin and suffered a point deduction as a result. The fight resumed and Green landed a third kick below the belt. The ref stopped the fight after Krause fell to the floor and was unable to continue. Surprisingly, Green was awarded a TKO victory.