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UFC Won’t Cut Robert Drysdale Even After Failed Drug Test


American BJJ specialist Robert Drysdale recently failed his blood test for a second time to compete at UFC 167, and many thought that was a sign the UFC would lose interest in him. He was originally scheduled to make his UFC debut at UFC 163, but his blood test showed elevated levels of testosterone. He ended up withdrawing from that bout due to an injury.

Despite repeatedly failing his drug tests, the UFC is still interested in having him compete under their banner. According to MMAJunkie.com, a UFC official told them that they are still working to get Drysdale to be eligible to compete.

“Obviously, Robert needs to establish that he is medically fit to participate and apply for the appropriate licensure,” the rep wrote in a prepared statement. “Assuming he is able to do this, he will fight for the organization at some point in the future.”

Drysdale’s current professional MMA record is 6-0. He has achieved all six victories in less than two and a half minutes of the first round by submission. That’s fairly impressive to say the least.

Unless he sorts out his doping problem, we might never see the American BJJ wizard compete in the UFC.