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Bellator President Shook His Head After Alvarez Decision at Bellator 106

Photo by Luca Rajabi, scifighting.com

UFC president Dana White catches a lot of flak for some of his less than civil behavior, but he’s certainly not alone. At the conclusion of Bellator’s recent lightweight title fight, Bjorn Rebney was caught shaking his head. While many are interpreting this in different ways, some speculate that he was disappointed with the decision.

Bellator president Bjorn Rebney had a lot riding on the recent Michael Chandler-Eddie Alvarez title fight. Rebney and Alvarez had previously engaged in a bitter legal battle for the better part of a year, with Alvarez trying to use the “free agent” clause in his contract to jump ship for the UFC. When the dust settled, Alvarez was stuck in Bellator for the time being, but reportedly, he and Rebney are not on good terms.

According to some sources, Alvarez’s current Bellator contract is only for two fights, with the recent title bout being one of them. Now, with a victory over Chandler, Alvarez is one step closer to leaving the promotion with their lightweight belt.

It’s obviously a situation that’s not ideal for Rebney, and following the split decision victory announcement at the event, a camera caught the Bellator boss shaking his head in disbelief. To be fair though, Rebney may not have been reacting to the decision itself. Some of the crowd was booing the verdict, so it’s quite possible that he was displeased with the audience response.

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