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Joe Riggs Talks About Nick Diaz, Retirement and Painkiller Addiction

Photo by Luca Rajabi, scifighting.com

Joe “Diesel” Riggs has had a prominent career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Having fought his first professional fight in 2001, and for multiple organizations, Riggs has fought many known names in the sport: Ultimate Fighter winner Kendall Grove, Chris Lytle, UFC legend Matt Hughes, Nick Diaz, Mike Swick, Diego Sanchez, and Pride Veteran Kazuo Misaki.

In a recent interview with MMAMania.com, Riggs talked about an old foe, retirement and his addiction to painkillers:

“I would beat [Nick Diaz] again, 100 percent. Absolutely I would beat Nick again, that would be a fun fight, we have gone 18 fights after that and I think stylistically, styles make fights. I kind of wrote the book on how to beat him. You can’t get that guy to go backward, you have to counter punch him, and he is very easy to counter punch.”

“I’m at the end of my career. Not because I can’t compete, but there are other things I want to do in life. I want to make one more run at the title and then hang them up. It could take one year, it could take five.”

“I always cringe over having surgeries because I can’t take painkillers. I used to be addicted, so I don’t touch them. It didn’t hurt, they just told me to take as much time away as I needed. But, five days out I was already running and then within two weeks I was in full head gear and was going like 50 percent. I thought I was in great shape during the show, but now it’s next level.”

Riggs defeated Mike Bronzoulis at Bellator 106 via unanimous decision, putting him on a six-fight winning streak. “Diesel” hasn’t lost a fight since 2011.

As of now, Bellator has not announced who is next opponent will be.