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UFC’s Dana White Fires ‘Karma’ Tweet at Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney

Photo Courtesy UFC.com

In the aftermath of Eddie Alvarez’s stunning victory over Michael Chandler Saturday night, UFC President Dana White sent Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney a message on Twitter.

White was apparently attempting to rub Rebney’s nose into the fact that Alvarez came back strong in his victory over Chandler last night. Rebney and Alvarez did not speak for several months prior to his victory Saturday night. The two were engaged in a heated legal dispute over fighter’s right to accept an offer made by the UFC that would result in him leaving Bellator for a supposedly more lucrative PPV deal.

The offer made by the UFC . Bellator, however, fought hard to keep Alvarez, the company’s flagship star.

While Alvarez’s contract with Bellator expired over a year ago the promotion used it’s right of first refusal to match the UFC’s offer, unsatisfied with the matching terms Alvarez argued that Bellator’s contract offer was not the same due to the UFC’s initial offer including Pay-Per-View points that count towards the fighter’s total income for each of the shows he would do.  Since Bellator has yet to engage in the PPV model it was a logical argument, though that did not prevent the promotion from filing suit against Alvarez when his legal team formally rejected their offer.

The matter was headed to court, with a possible delay in Alvarez’s career causing him to be on the shelf for all of 2014 had he not reached a settlement with Bellator  for him to return and fight Chandler in a rematch.  Considering the match did ultimately take place and resulted in a generally positive review of both Alvarez and Bellator as a viable promotion that can indeed put on a good show for its fans it is uncertain exactly what “karma” White was referring to in his tweet earlier.

Rebney praised Alvarez during the post-fight press conference and even went so far as saying he was in awe of the performance and the determination displayed by the fighter when he defeated Chandler.

Rebney responded in a published report that such a great fight was exactly the kind of “karma” he welcomed.