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What Was Roy “Big Country” Nelson Doing At Bellator 106?

Photo by Luca Rajabi, scifighting.com

At the end of the Bellator 106 post fight press conference a few reporters stuck around to mingle and get a few brief interviews.  Usual fare for and event like this, however what was an unexpected sight was that of Roy “Big Country” Nelson.  Apparently having slipped in unnoticed from another area of the conference room he was giving an interview with Fighthub TV.  The obvious conclusion many fans may come to is that Nelson is preparing for a move to Bellator, especially after the lack luster performances he’s displayed in his last two UFC bouts.

Once the interview was posted by Fighthub TV the nature of his rhetoric only lead to more questions.  First off it was clear he was not in agreement with the judges about the unanimous decision in favor of Emmanuel Newton against Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal.  When asked by Fighthub TV about Newton’s strategy against Lawal, specifically that of the number of leg kicks landed and how they may have affected Lawal’s rhythm, Nelson quickly dismissed them appearing to insinuate later in the interview that those strategies receive too much credit in MMA.

“I’ve seen K-1. . .  Leg kicks, that’s just busy work.”

It may be challenging for some mixed martial artists to take a comment like this with a grain of salt.  Being at the fight ourselves there’s no question that a number of those leg kicks were pretty hard and having been on the receiving end of some nasty leg kicks during Muay Thai sparring matches there’s no doubt here that a stiff kick will make you think twice about approaching your opponent. . .  That is, of course, assuming it doesn’t cripple you on the first blow.

The original interview can be found below: