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Despite Loss, King Mo Lawal Vows To Win Light Heavyweight Championship

Photo Courtesy Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal.

Despite his close decision loss Saturday night, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal says he plans to bounce back and get the light heavyweight title.

Lawal lost a close decision to Emmanuel Newton, in a rematch that King Mo promised he would win. Newton knocked Lawal out in their first fight earlier this year.
“I don’t care who got it,” Lawal said. “I just want to get that belt.”
Lawal expressed feelings that he was robbed in his unanimous decision loss to Newton. Lawal in a post-fight press conference said he felt like he won rounds 1, 4 and 5.
Newton at the press conference said he felt like he rocked Lawal several times and had his knees “wobbly.”
It’s a claim Lawal disputed at the press conference.
“Look at his face, look at my face,” Lawal said.
After the fight, Lawal looked as if  he just finished a marathon, not like he was in a brutal, five-round affair. Newton, on the other hand, was bruised and battered, with stitches under his right eye.
Lawal is the former Strikeforce champion, who was fired after the UFC purchased the San Jose, California company.  A former college All-American wrestler, King Mo wasn’t able to decide on a winning strategy against Newton. Although he had early success taking Newton down, Lawal abandoned that strategy in the middle of the fight, choosing instead to stand up with Newton.
Both fighters landed clean shots, but neither seemed to ever pull ahead.
Newton, who knocked King Mo out with a spinning backfist in their first fight, frequently went for similar moves, but never connected.
Lawal kept his hands up most of the fight, but seemed to want to show Newton he was able to stand with him and take his punches.
When the decision was read, Lawal was clearly surprised and dejected.