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Bellator MMA: Live Results: Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal vs. Emmanuel Newton

Photo by Luca Rajabi, scifighting.com

In a highly anticipated rematch, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal looks for revenge against Emmanuel Newton. Earlier this year, Lawal was in command of the fight, before Newton caught him with a spinning backfist and knocked Lawal out cold.

Lawal yelled at Frank Shamrock in the backstage interview, telling him that the interview was “cutting into my ring time.”

Lawal said in a pre-taped pre-fight interview that he was going to “f*ck” Newton up. Mo desperately wants to show everybody that the first fight was a fluke.

Mo goes for the takedown and gets it, but Newton holds on to the head.

Mo is in control, pushing him up against the cage. He lands a few right hands while holding him. Newton breaks free and then hits Mo low with a kick to stop the action.

They are back up and Lawal takes him down like Newton is Gegard Mousasi.

Newton hangs tin there and Mo lets him back up. Lawal looks very aware of Newton’s punching power and wants to avoid it. He’s dancing and pulling back every time Newton attempts to go inside.

Lawal drops his hands and struts and pays for it after Newton lands a leg kick.

Round two and Newton comes out kicking.  Newton is busier in this round and Lawal again goes for the takedown. Lawal in control, but Newton impressively powers back.

Newton connects with a shot to the face and Mo goes down. Mo is hurt, but Newton can’t finish him. Lawal ties him up and Mo looks dazed. Newton goes for a spinning back kick and just misses. Lawal’s hands are down and he looks tired.  Lawal survives the round. It’s an even fight now.

Lawal is pushing the action, but Newton is counter-punching in the third round. Lawal lands a heavy shot, but Newton is still standing. Newton is now doing a lot of spinning back kicks. Lawal has now abandoned his wrestling and seems to be wanting a fight with Newton, only Newton is the only one who is landing.

Newton has a side headlock and Mo is in trouble, but he pulls out. Newton is still throwing heavy shots in there. Another round for Newton.

King Mo is landing a bit more in the fourth round, but Newton still looks the fresher of the two fighters. Newton connected with a big spinning back kick to the gut. Mo is landing a bit more, but every time he tries to get something together Newton connects with a leg kick. Lawal goes back to his bread and butter and takes Newton down.

Newton is free and goes for the same spinning back fist that knocked Lawal out in the first fight, but Lawal ducked it. Lawal is eating a lot of leg kicks in this fight. Lawal probably won that round. Anyone’s fight going into the fifth.

Newton’s spinning backlists are slowing down now. Lawal lands with a big right hand that stops Newton for a second. Newton is bleeding from his mouth and under is right eye.

Lawal seems determined to prove that he’s not afraid of Newton, trying to exchange punches with him and resisting the urge for a takedown. Newton landing now with some punches, but Lawal takes him down and holds him. Newton back up and the two are standing again. Newton goes for the takedown, but Lawal stuffs it.

Going to the judges.

In a surprise, all three judges give the fight to Newton 49-46.

Bellator Main Event Results

Fight                                                Winner                               Round                           Result

King Mo Lawal vs. E. Newton      Newton                               5                                   UD   (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Daniel Straus vs. Pat Curran     Straus                                     5                                   UD (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)

Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs   Riggs                                      3                                  UD  (30-27)

Akop Stepanyan vs. Mike Richman  Richman                       1                                      4:05

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Fight                                                Winner                               Round                           Result

J. Smith vs. D. Smith                         J. Smith                             3                                    UD (All three judges 29-28)

Cleber Luciano vs. Joe Camacho    Luciano                              3                                    UD (All three judges 30-27)

Aaron Miller vs. Mike Guymon       Guymon                            2                                    SUB (triangle choke, 4:20)

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Alejandro Garcia vs. Christiano Souza   Souza                         3                                   SUB   (3:06)