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Bellator MMA Live Results: Daniel Straus vs. Pat Curran

Photo by Luca Rajabi, scifighting.com

Pat Curran defends the featherweight championship against Daniel Straus in the first title fight of the night.

Curran and Straus are feeling each other out early, showing respect for each other’s hands. Some good exchanges. Close round.

Straus is connecting with a bit more than Curran in round two. Straus is mixing leg kicks and punches and keeping Curran off. Another close round.

Round three continues the same way round two ended. Straus is a little busier, throwing harder punches and more often. Straus ties him up against the cage and the two are tied up. Both guys doing just enough to avoid the break. Curran turns the tables and backs Straus up against the cage.

Curran nails him with an illegal knee while he is down. The referee breaks them up. This could be a no-contest if Straus cannot continue. Straus is back, but the referee is taking a point away. The fight is back on and Straus takes him down and is on top of him to ride out the rest of the round.

Now we are into the championship rounds and after some heavy punches Straus takes him down again and is wrestling him for control.

Curran from his back gets a choke on, but Straus is out.  Another long round, but Straus has the edge.

It’s the final round and neither fighter is showing any sense of urgency yet. Straus again just seems a bit busier than Curran. Straus connects with a big left hand and Curran is in trouble. Straus going for the  kill, but then grabs Curran and pushes him against the cage. Round ends with a good flurry by Straus.

Curran looks clueless as to how to keep up with Straus, who seems the fresher of the two fighters at the end.

Fight goes to the scorecards. The point deduction will probably play a big role in the decision.

Strauss wins the title 49-45 and 48-46, on two judges’ scorecards.

“Pat Curran is a tough dude,” Straus said in the post-fight interview.  “I will see him again.”


Bellator Main Event Results
Fight                                                Winner                               Round                           Result

Daniel Straus vs. Pat Curran     Straus                                     5                                   UD (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)

Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs   Riggs                                      3                                   UD  (30-27)

Akop Stepanyan vs. Mike Richman  Richman                       1                                      4:05

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J. Smith vs. D. Smith                         J. Smith                             3                                    UD (All three judges 29-28)

Cleber Luciano vs. Joe Camacho    Luciano                              3                                    UD (All three judges 30-27)

Aaron Miller vs. Mike Guymon       Guymon                            2                                    SUB (triangle choke, 4:20)

Hector Ramirez vs. Brandon Halsey   Halsey                           1                                   TKO  ( :52)

Alejandro Garcia vs. Christiano Souza   Souza                         3                                   SUB   (3:06)