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Joe Rogan Undergoes German Blood Spinning Procedure to Treat Back and Neck Problems


Blood spinning is a procedure used to hasten the healing time of physical injuries. It’s performed by taking small samples of a patient’s blood, spinning the blood in a centrifuge, and then injecting it back into the injured part of the body.

It sounds strange enough, but there’s actually a science behind it. When the blood is spun in the centrifuge, it allows platelets and blood plasma to be isolated from other components of the blood. During this process, the platelets and plasma fuse together forming something called platelet-rich-plasma (also known as PRP). There is evidence that has shown that PRP has high concentrations of natural growth factors that boost the healing process and reduce pain.

Recently, UFC commentator Joe Rogan revealed to his Instragam followers that he has undergone the blood spinning procedure by posting pictures of his blood stored in multiple syringes and test tubes. Rogan has been suffering from some back and neck pains for quite some time now, and decided to try the blood spinning procedure in hopes of reducing his pain. It should be noted that Rogan isn’t the only person in the UFC who has undergone this unique procedure.

UFC President Dana White also underwent the blood spinning procedure, and he claims that it has cured his meniere’s disease. Dana White has said that the procedure is a miracle, and he personally recommended Joe Rogan to fly to Germany in order to undergo the treatment himself.