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TUF 18 Episode 9 Recap


In the final preliminary episode, Sarah Moras will face Peggy Morgan and Cody Bollinger takes on Anthony Gutierrez. Cutting weight is an issue for both men as they pull out all the stops hours before weigh-ins.

“Weight cutting is probably the worst thing you could ever possibly experience in your entire life,” said Team Tate assistant coach Bryan Caraway. “You gotta be smart on your weight cut and very cautious on your athletes’ cutting.”

After two hours of running on a treadmill and sitting in a sauna, Bollinger manages to gain weight. Caraway believes that it may be due to either consuming too much sodium or not drinking enough water.

At TUF house, Bollinger has a breakdown and concedes that will not make weight. “I was given enough time. I was given what I needed. I could have made the weight, I just, I don’t know. There’s no excuse. I quit. That’s all there is to it,” Bollinger confessed. Coach Miesha Tate says she is more upset that he didn’t try rather than his not making weight.

Dana White gets wind of the issue and calls for an emergency meeting. “You took somebody’s lottery ticket and ripped it up. Did you realize you don’t belong here?” White sneered at Bollinger. “This is the one things that drives me crazy.”

White points to the gym’s exit and excuses Bollinger.

The Nevada Athletic Commission gives the UFC two options in regards to Gutierrez: either he receives a forfeit victory or he cuts weight again and fights a few days later. Gutierrez choses to take the forfeit. “I get a free road to the next part of the bracket and it’s just good for me and it’s one more fight closer to winning this whole tournament,” Gutierrez said.

As the woman prepare for their fight, Moras jokes that Morgan is a pale ginger who resembles a giraffe. “I know I’ve got good standup but my arms aren’t quite as long as the giraffe’s so I think I’ll probably take it to the ground, dominate her and pound her face in,” Moras said.

Morgan, on the other hand, believes herself to be a bull and Moras a matador. Morgan plans to use her footwork to keep away from her opponent’s takedowns.

As the first round begins, Morgan scatters left jabs and defensively backs away. Moras is aggressive in landing body kicks, but has trouble closing distance.

Morgan averts a takedown but doesn’t scatter; giving Moras the opening she needed. Moras gains top position and unloads vicious elbows. She hooks in an armbar and forces Morgan to tap.

With eight contestant ready to move on, Tate, Rousey and White speak with each fighter and discuss the semifinals.

The coaches decide on the following matchups:

Michael Wootten vs. Chris Holdsworth

Sarah Moras vs. Julianna Pena

David Grant vs. Anthony Gutierrez

Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Rakoczy