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Diego Sanchez on Conor McGregor: The Dude Has a Big Mouth

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It feels like MMA is becoming more and more like a soap opera everyday. Recently, current UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones made fun of Daniel Cormier for being fat. Now, UFC featherweight Conor McGregor has mocked Diego Sanchez for having slurred speech in his post-fight interview after losing a unanimous decision to Gilbert Melendez. It’s like we’re back in middle school again.

The only part of this that takes it past the middle school level is that McGregor also suggested that the UFC should put him in the cage against Sanchez, and that would be an “easy payday” for him. That’s a lot of tough talk. Diego Sanchez has shown time and time again that he isn’t an easy payday for anyone.

The always outspoken Diego Sanchez is never shy of saying what’s on his mind. Recently, Sanchez made an appearance on “The MMA Hour” and spoke his mind about the UFC Irish featherweight fighter.

Listen, the guy is good for the sport because he brings Ireland and the Irish fans, they are die hard. Anyone that is Irish is die hard for this guy. That’s cool, it’s brought the sport to another area of the world, it’s good for the company,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez appeared to have acknowledged the benefit of having McGregor in the UFC for marketing purposes, but other than that, he didn’t have many kind words about the young Irishman.

“But the dude has a big mouth. This all started when he sent a tweet disrespecting all of the top 145er’s in the world. I was like, ‘This is ridiculous, no one is going to talk back to him?’ Somebody has to put this man in his place.”

McGregor is currently 2-0 in the UFC and has been known to be very boastful. Apparently, his boastfulness is upsetting Sanchez.

“I put out a tweet asking who his notable victories are. Who are they? Who are your notable victories? Who are your notable fights? Who are these guys that have beat you? You got losses on your record and you’re acting like you’re the Muhammad Ali of Ireland.”

Sanchez does bring up a good point. Compared to him, McGregor does not have nearly as many notable notches under his belt.

“I’ve been with UFC for nine years, I don’t hold back and if they want me to step in there and shut up a little pipsqueak like him, I would love to do it.”

I could give you many more quotes about what Sanchez said about McGregor during his appearance on “The MMA Hour,” but I feel like it would be better if I just summarized what happened in one simple metaphorical sentence: Sanchez dropped a deuce on McGregor.