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Team Quest’s Michelle Ould Asks if ‘White Pride’ Bra Would be Offensive

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Earlier this week on Twitter, Team Quest’s Michelle Ould directed some negative feedback towards UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez’s “Brown Pride” tattoo. The tattoo is meant to be an expression of pride for his Mexican heritage, but Ould seems to be taking offense to it.

In one of the strangest comments in recent memory, Ould suggested that she wear a bra that had “White Pride” written on it.

  • Kenbo

    Is it?? Your assessment is what is bewildering. You seem to feel that
    somehow she is not entitled to feel pride in her ethnic background, as
    Valasquez does. Your political correctness suggests that because she is
    White, she should not speak about it or express it, because of an
    historical context for which Ms. Ould bears no responsibility or may
    have no interest. She should be aware that the color of her skin or her
    personal pride in her family or her people, may be considered offensive and she should be properly ashamed.
    Ah! I see! You are in favor of expressing pride about one’s
    background, as long as that background is not White. Well, that’s
    certainly one definition of racism.
    Mr. Valasquez is certainly entitled to personal pride, as is Ms. Ould. See? I didn’t even have to be specific to their “color.”

    • Kenbo,

      Thanks for the comment. An earlier version of the article did have opinions that were not relevant or appropriate given the context of the conversation. They have since been removed. As a matter of record, SciFighting does not take any position on these matters. It is up to the political leaders that represent each respective culture to determine how best to represent them and their opinions.

      – Luca Rajabi, President of SciFighting, LLC.

      • Kenbo

        Thank you for your response.

  • Colin Bisson

    Given the connotation associated with the phrase “white pride” I can see why it would not go over so well…

  • Christopher Quiroga

    Historical connotations are relevant in this case. The term “brown pride” often connotes desire for cultural recognition and equality with others due to years of discrimination, though it has been used as a more violent term of separatism, so there are instances where it has been intentionally inflammatory. But degrees are important here. The problem with the term “white pride” is that it almost invariably connotes superiority and denigration of others. Everyone should have pride in their heritage (I belong to both groups), but unfortunately, one of these terms was completely hijacked by extremism. As a result, wearing the term “brown pride” does not mean anywhere near the same thing as wearing “white pride”. This is further illustrated by the overly pervasive “one drop of blood” perspective on race: any amount of non-white heritage makes someone not white. Obviously, the nature of that perspective means the converse is rarely perceived as true.

  • J.t. Thrasher

    When someone makes a statement about White Pride, inevitably detractors come along and make statements about slavery and racism. Considering these historical wrongs, what do white people have to be proud of? they will ask.
    Well, for starters, Europeans and their descendants were not the only ones to own slaves, and in fact the term “slave” is founded on the Slavs who were held in slavery. Many Europeans were taken into slavery by non-Europeans in history. They were also some of the first to outlaw slavery and take in peoples from other nations. They also lead the way in world aid because of their ability to produce wealth, food and their scientific endeavors, which create the medicines that the rest of the world relies on. Add to this the cultural achievements in literature, art and architecture and you have in general, a very giving and hopeful people.
    In the modern world of PC ideology it is has been made a crime to support, respect, and honor your heritage if you are white. The only exception is during holidays that are based on drinking, such as St. Patty’s day or Oktoberfest, because hey, everyone likes a good party. But this does nothing to alleviate tensions in a multicultural society, created by white people. As people groups migrate and remain insulated, instead of assimilating to the host culture, whites often feel left out. Accused of racism because their history books are full of their own kind, they are told that it is “white privilege” to have a country and a history that expresses their trials and achievements, while no one expects Africans to stop celebrating being African, or the Japanese and Israelis to import mass cultural enclaves into their societies. Only white. Western nations have this expectation put upon them, an expectation to displace themselves for sins that all other people groups have practiced.
    In America, whites will soon be a minority. Will that then mean that affirmative action will apply to us? Will our history books continue to tell a balanced story of our race? Will we then have a right to have pride in our very genetic influence, which in a great part contributes to the cultures we have created? Can I honor my ancestors without being labeled a hater?
    I have pride in my family line. I am not my ancestors but they helped contribute to who I am. As the main character in the movie Amistad stated, “All of my ancestors existed so that i could be here today.”
    White Pride.