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Rampage Wanted a Replacement Opponent for Bellator Fight


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has said that he has no hard feelings toward Tito Ortiz for pulling out of their fight due to a neck injury.

“That’s a real serious injury to his neck,” Rampage said.

The 35 year old mixed martial arts veteran appeared to have sympathy for Ortiz, saying that he has also suffered setbacks in his career due to unwanted injuries.

“My heart goes out to Tito,” said a sincere Rampage.

He appeared to be more frustrated by the PPV cancellation than by Ortiz suffering a neck injury.

“If I’m going to keep it real, I would have said, ‘Look, throw another opponent at me and still keep the PPV because I trained really hard for this and had my knees fixed,'” Rampage said.

It’s not surprising that Rampage is eager to get back in the cage. He has lost his last three fights in a row, so he’s probably itching to end his losing streak and get another win under his belt.

After Ortiz pulled out of the fight, Bellator cancelled their PPV arrangement and moved the fight over to free TV. Rampage felt this could have been avoided if they just found him a replacement opponent. As possible replacements, he mentioned names such as Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander. He even jokingly said they should bring Chuck Liddell out of retirement to fight him. That one was followed by a few laughs.