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Robert Drysdale Busted for Elevated T/E Ratio

Photo via Sherdog

Robert Drysdale might be getting busted for doping.

The undefeated thirty-two year old jiu-jitsu specialist has been denied his license to compete due to an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio (also known as T/E ratio).

Drysdale has an undefeated professional record of 6-0. He has beaten all of his opponents by submission in the first round, with only one fight having reached the two minute mark.

The light heavyweight standout was recently set to make his UFC debut against Cody Donovan at UFC 167, but failed to get his license to compete when he had three times the NSAC’s T/E ratio limit. He was subsequently tested for any use of performance enhancing drugs, but the tests showed negative results.

As of yet, Drysdale has not been punished for failing any tests. However, he does have a history with TRT, and it could affect whether he receives any punishment or not.

Before he was arranged to compete at UFC 167, Drysdale was originally supposed to make his UFC debut at UFC 163. According to MMAjunkie.com, prior to the bout, he requested to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. His request was denied, and he later withdrew from the fight due to a staph infection.

Whether Drysdale will receive any sort of punishment for his elevated T/E levels has not yet been announced.