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Peggy Morgan: Ronda Rousey is ‘Bat Crap Crazy’

Photo by Al Powers/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

TUF 18 fighter Peggy Morgan has taken to her blog on MMAweekly.com to address a question that many MMA fans have been asking lately: Does Ronda Rousey really hate Miesha Tate?

According to Peggy Morgan, “Yes. Ronda Rousey really, really, really, REALLY hates Miesha Tate.”

Morgan admits that she isn’t entirely sure regarding the origins of the hatred that Rousey has towards Tate. She says it might have started when Tate’s boyfriend threatened Ronda after she and Tate had an altercation at a weigh in once, but no one really knows for certain. However, what Morgan does know for certain is that Rousey absolutely abhors Tate.

“What I do know, though, is that Ronda hates Miesha. And not just when the cameras are on, either. Ronda hates Miesha everywhere and all of the time.”

Yikes. I’m sure this isn’t coming as much of a shock to anyone who has been watching this season’s TUF.

TUF 18 arguably has more drama, crying, screaming, and emotional intensity than all of the other previous seasons combined. And most of that drama stems from Rousey’s hatred of Miesha Tate.

In her blog, Morgan says she likes Rousey, but she still admits that Rousey’s behavior is slightly aberrant. “Some of you probably think Ronda is bat crap crazy. Okay, maybe Ronda is bat crap crazy.”

It requires a lot for another fighter to classify you as bat crap crazy. Apparently Ronda Rousey has fulfilled all of those requirements.