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‘Mayhem’ Miller and Uriah Hall Get Into a Fight Over a Racial Slur


Jason “Mayhem” Miller is back in the spotlight again, and not for a very good reason. At a recent BAMMA event, Mayhem got into a heated argument with UFC fighter Uriah Hall, and was thrown out after using racial slurs.

Apparently, Mayhem began acting aggressively towards an ex-girlfriend of his that he happened to bump into at the event. Uriah Hall came to defend the woman, which Mayhem responded to by getting in his face and using the “n” word. Hall then took a swing at Mayhem before the situation was broken up by bystanders.

MMAInterviews caught the later end of the altercation on tape, which you can view below.

[youtube id=”7OpoPE-mdfo”]

It’s unclear right now if the UFC will take action against Hall. Mayhem was clearly the instigator here, but even so, the UFC is not fond of their fighters getting into situations like these.

Mayhem meanwhile is on a short leash with the law. He’s been arrested three times this year, and recently appeared in court to face assault charges. He has not fought professionally since May 2012.