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Dana White: Andrade vs Sexton Should Have Been Stopped

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Less than two weeks ago, at the UFC 166 post fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said he thought the Velasquez vs. Dos Santos match up should have been stopped after the third round. It appears that White is very concerned with fighter safety these days, because he recently had similar things to say about the Andrade vs. Sexton fight.

“I agree 100 percent that fight should have been stopped,” White said to MMAjunkie.com.

Rosi Sexton was dropped in the first round but survived only to take more punishment at the hands of her opponent for another two rounds. Her face was visibly battered after the fight was over. Even UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that the fight should have been stopped in the second round.

This is the second time White has said that he thought a fight should have been stopped because one fighter was taking too much of a beating at the hands of another. This brings up a larger debate within the mma community: at what point should a fight be stopped when a fighter is taking too much punishment? At what point is it just too dangerous?

According to Dana White, look no further than the recent Velasquez-JDS fight and the Andrade-Sexton bout.

As for the Andrade-Sexton fight, it was arguably more one-sided than the Velasquez-JDS fight. The majority of the bout consisted of Andrade hammering Sexton up against the cage with a variety of strikes while Sexton desperately tried blocking to defend herself, but was virtually unable to launch any significant attacks of her own.

If fights like this continue, it shouldn’t be a surprise if we see a revaluation on how officials decide to continue and stop fights in MMA.