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Lyoto Machida Now Willing To Fight Anderson Silva For UFC Middle Weight Title!

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No doubt, UFC Fight Night 30 turned out to be full of surprises.  While the tedium of finding Fox Sports 2 may have given some fans a bit ‘less’ than they bargained for, the fights tonight were actually much better than some anticipated.

One fight of specific note was that between Alessio Sakara and Nicholas Musoke.  Being a 1st generation American and an Italian citizen I’m a natural fan of Sakara.  While I  have mixed feelings about his loss to Musoke there is no denying that the arm bar he pulled off was pure elegance.  Very well timed and just shows you how dangerous an opponent Nicholas Musoke truly is.

There were plenty of other highlights but the real topic of conversation right now is Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.  He was definitely breathing fire tonight.  Say what you will about his willingness to fight his friends as his performance demonstrated a zest for the fight that many have not witnessed in some time from this fighter.  Machida is one of the few true martial artists out there.  His actions are not driven purely by his goal but tempered with the wisdom of his philosophical teachings.  The specifics of that philosophy can be discussed at a later date, however suffice it to say he showed respect, self-control, fierce speed and skill and topping it all off with true compassion for his comrade in the octagon.

The single image that burned into my mind is that of Machida crouching over Munoz with his fist cocked back, ready to strike, after delivering a devastating kick to the head that knocked Munoz clean off his feet.  Most fighters would have rushed their opponent and given a few more blows to the downed fighter for good measure and security in the win, but not Machida.  He apparently only wants to deliver as much damage as is necessary to do the job, and no more.  This is wise on so many levels and really shows that Machida for many reasons is a cut above many of his peers.

Now if his win wasn’t enough to inspire some excitement, then how about this tasty piece of news that came out of the post fight press scrum.  Apparently all bets are off for the middle weight title.  In a brief one-on-one interview with Gareth Davies, Machida was asked if he would fight Anderson Silva for the middle weight title should it ever change hands from Weidman.  Machida responded with an assuring grin,

“Yes. If it’s for the belt, I said I want the belt. I have to chase the belt.”

And there you have it, we may yet see a fight that’s been on the minds of UFC fans for quite some time.  Regardless, Machida seems more determined than ever and anyone in the middleweight division should take serious note of that.

Watch the video interview with Gareth Davies courtesy of MSN and Fox Sports:

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