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Michael Bisping Wants Winner of Munoz vs Machida

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

In a recent post from Fox Sports, British UFC middleweight striker Michael Bisping stated that he would like to fight the winner of the bout between fellow UFC middleweights Mark Munoz and Lyoto Machida.

Munoz and Machida are set to face off this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 30.

The 34 year-old Brit was originally scheduled to fight Munoz for the main event, but Bisping was forced to withdraw from the bout after suffering a serious eye injury in training. The eye injury was almost career ending for the British favorite, and it forced him to really think about what he wants to accomplish in his career before it ends.

“I know it sounds like a cliche, but I had my career almost taken away, and it made me realize how much I still have left to achieve in this sport,” he said. “If time was called on my career right now, I wouldn’t be happy with what I achieved. Yes, I get some notoriety and put some dollars in my bank account and whatever, but I want a lot more out of it than that. I want to stabilize my future and my children’s future as well. So this has really made me even hungrier than ever.”

Bisping’s overall UFC record is 14-5 and he’s fought many big names, including Rashad Evans, Chris Leben, Dan Henderson, Denis Kang, Wanderlei Silva, Jason Miller, Chael Sonnen, and Vitor Belfort. Yet, despite being in the UFC for over seven years, he has yet to receive a title shot.