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Dana White: Gilbert Melendez is ‘Back in the Mix’ for a Lightweight Title Fight

Photo Courtesy Bleacher Report

After an absolutely incredible brawl with Diego Sanchez, it seems that Gilbert Melendez is back in the running for the UFC lightweight title.

“In the 13 years since of being in this company, we’ve seen some amazing fights; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fight like that,” UFC president Dana White said after the event. “The fight was insane.”

Melendez debuted in the UFC to a lot of hype, only to be stopped by former champ Benson Henderson with a very debatable decision. Luckily, Anthony Pettis’s recent title fight victory has given Melendez another opportunity to take a run at the belt.

“It’s very fortunate for [Melendez] that Pettis won, because he just came off a title shot against Henderson,” White said. “Now that Pettis is the champ, he’s definitely right back in the mix.”

If that doesn’t work out, a rematch with Diego Sanchez would certainly be a match up a lot of fans could get behind.