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Dana White: Holly Holm is the Female Conor McGregor

Photo via themmacorner.com

At the post-UFC 166 press conference, UFC president Dana White revealed that he isn’t very familiar with Holly Holm, but he’s certainly hearing her name all the time.

Holm is a former 18-time female boxing champion, as well as one of the fastest rising WMMA fighters. She’s fought five times so far, and each time, she’s knocked her opponent out.

So far though, the UFC hasn’t made much of an effort in recruiting her, which piqued the crowd’s curiosity during the media event.

“You’re like the billionth person that’s asked me about Holly Holm,” White said. “I was on the street the other day and some guy was like, ‘HEY! Sign Holly Holm.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah, I know. Everybody’s telling me.’ I haven’t seen her fight but I keep hearing about her. She’s like the female Conor McGregor. I thought Conor McGregor was a heavyweight when I was hearing about him. For some reason, that’s what I did. Holly Holm, I don’t know what she looks like, I’ve never seen her fight, but I know who she is.”

McGregor was also a highly touted regional fighter before his UFC contract, and he gained a lot of recognition from fights circulated online. Holm on the other hand has been tearing it up on AXS TV, fighting for Legacy FC.