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Diego Sanchez: ‘I Fight for the Fans’

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

At the UFC 166 post fight press conference, when asked by a reporter how many more battles like that Diego Sanchez could go through, Sanchez dismissed any doubts regarding the ability of his body to match his fighting spirit. “I was built for this fighting stuff.”

UFC President Dana White commented, “That was a Mexican world war in there tonight.” White praised Sanchez for putting on a great show, and also defended him against critics who doubted Sanchez’s ability to compete against a top contender like Gilbert Melendez, “Diego Sanchez is never out of any fight.”

Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez each earned an extra $60,000 fight of the night bonus paycheck for their incredible performance Saturday Night in Houston. Going into this fight, many critics questioned Sanchez’s place in the UFC. Even though he lost via unanimous decision, Sanchez certainly answered all the questions of his critics pertaining to whether he belongs in the UFC or not in his bout with Melendez.

Sanchez had nothing but praise for his opponent, saying that, “I truly believe he is the #1 lightweight in the world, I thought he was the uncrowned lightweight champ.”

“Those are the types of fights that you just wait for you’re whole career,” said the enthusiastic Sanchez. “When you’re an old man, you’re gonna look back and be like, yeah, that was fun.”