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UFC 166 FOX Sports 1 Prelim Results

Photo Courtesy UFC

UFC 166 had a list of exciting fights to start the night in Houston, Texas.


KJ Noons def. George Sotiropoulos via Unanimous Decision

The fight started off with both fighters hesitant to engage, constantly circling each other in the octagon. The crowd immediately began to shower the two fighters with boos. The only real activity were hard jabs to the body from Noons. With less than a minute left, Noons suffered an accidental eye-poke. That seemed to spark action into both fighters because when the fight was resumed the exchanges began resulting in Sotiropoulos being knocked down but still managing to survive the round.

The second round saw more willingness to exchange by both fighters, but still nothing significantly exciting. Neither fighter was willing to take any major risks. Sotiropoulos eventually got a takedown but Noons was quickly able to get back to his feet.

Going into the third round, both fighters knew they had to win this round to earn a decisive victory. Noons got the better of the striking exchange and bloodied the face of Sotiroupolos, while successfully defending his takedown attempts by sprawling and utilizing underhooks, earning a unanimous decision victory.


Jessica Eye def. Sarah Kaufman via Split Decision

The fight started with both fighters exchanging 1-2 combinations. As the round progressed, both fighters landed uppercuts and knees from the clinch, but neither was able to gain a significant advantage over the other.

In the second round, there was more of the same: both fighters exchanging combinations, except this time, Kaufman found a slight advantage. Neither fighter ever attempted a takedown, these ladies were here to throw their fists. Toward the end of the round, Kaufman’s face appeared to be more battered than Eye’s.

The third round was identical to the first two, both fighters not shy of engaging the other, with Kaufman pushing forward and Eye throwing strikes from the outside. With about a minute and a half left, Kaufman landed a huge right hand that rocked Eye, but she was unable to finish as Eye made a hasty recovery and clinched Kaufman against the cage. The fight ended with both fighters brawling; swinging haymakers trying to finish the fight strong. To the surprise of many, the judges granted a split decision victory to Jessica Eye.


Hector Lombard def. Nate Marquardt via KO

Lombard proved to be too powerful for Marquardt to handle. He finished him with punches with less than two minutes into the first round. Lombard initially hurt Marquardt with a right hook over the top and chased him down following up with more punches until Marquardt was out cold on the ground.


Tim Boetsch def. CB Dollaway via Split Decision

The first round had an exciting start with both fighters landing hard strikes. Boetsch managed to get a takedown but Dollaway immediately got back to his feet and began taunting “The Barbarian.” Dollaway began getting the better of the striking exchanges and Boetsch actually began to look discouraged.

In the second round, we saw more taunting and smiling from Dollaway. Boetsch seemed to have trouble closing the distance. Dollaway got a hard-earned takedown via single leg and attempted a guillotine but Boetsch had none of it. The men tumbled around in a series of scrambles but neither was able to gain a significant advantage. Dollaway got another takedown, Boetsch responded by attempting a Kimura but was unable to secure it.

Dollaway began the third round with a bad eye-poke that caused Boetsch to bleed from his left left eye. The eye-poke definitely made Boetsch more aggressive because when the fight continued Boetsch began rushing forward aggressively throwing haymakers, but Dollaway landed another eye-poke. The referee deducted one point from Dollaway for the second eye-poke. Dollaway got another takedown via double leg, but Boetsch was able to get back to his feet. In the final thirty seconds of the fight, there was an amazing scramble with Boetsch attempting a guillotine but Dollaway managed to escape. The judges awarded Boetsch a split decision victory; a hard fought victory for Boetsch.