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UFC 166 Online Prelim Results: Three KOs and a Submission

Photo Courtesy UFC

UFC 166 got started today with a series of prelim fights streamed online. Check out the results below.


Kyoji Horiguchi def. Dustin Pague via TKO

In the first bout of the evening, TUF veteran Dustin Pague met former Shooto champ Kyoji Horiguchi, with the Japanese fighter making his UFC debut.

After a brief scuffle, Pague took Horiguchi’s back early in the first round. Horiguchi stood, but Pague continued to work a rear naked choke. Horiguchi remained calm though, and managed to wait Pague out. Another takedown from Pague and a reversal from Horiguchi closed out the first five minutes.

Early into the second round, Horiguchi dropped Pague with a big left hand. Pague managed to survive the subsequent ground and pound though, and reversed the position into Horiguchi’s open guard. Horiguchi proceeded to make space and return to his feet before taking any real punishment, finding a takedown soon after. Horiguchi then moved to punish his opponent from the half guard and guard. With Pague unable to stop the barrage, the referee stepped in to end the fight, giving Horiguchi a dominating first performance.


Andre Fili def. Jeremy Larsen via TKO

Jeremy Larsen made his featherweight debut against UFC newcomer Andre Fili. Fili took the fight on less than two weeks notice, and had been previously preparing for a regional fight at 170.

Fili opened the bout with a head kick and some aggressive striking combinations, pinging Larsen with solid shots. A series of knees from Fili cut Larsen and momentarily dropped him. Larsen opted for a takedown, looking for some breathing room, but didn’t seem to have the strength to finish it.

The match was momentarily paused so that the doctor could examine the cut, and restarted with both fighters swinging wildly. Fili continued to pop his opponent with punching combinations, with nearly double the number of landed strikes. Things took a good turn for Larsen though when a scramble ended with him in Fili’s guard. However, Fili proved to be just as aggressive from his back as he was on his feet, looking for submissions and shutting down Larsen’s ground and pound. Escaping to his feet, Fili closed out a dominating first round with even more crisp striking.

The second round opened up much the same, with both men swinging for the fences. A big right hand droped Larsen though, and he was clearly in no condition to defend himself. The referee stepped in to end the fight, giving Fili an extremely impressive TKO victory.


Tony Ferguson def. Mike Rio via Submission

Wrestling specialist Mike Rio faced off against TUF 13 winner Tony Ferguson in a lightweight bout.

Rio scrambled for a takedown early, but Ferguson was able to stuff each of the attempts. Ferguson then began tagging Rio with his superior stand-up game, while continuing to defend numerous takedown attempts.

After yet another stuffed shot, Ferguson broke out his trademark d’arce choke, grabbing the submission win early into the first round.


Adlan Amagov def. TJ Waldburger via TKO

Sambo champion Adlan Amagov faced off against Submission of the Night winner TJ Waldburger in a welterweight bout.

Amagov opened the fight by showcasing his kicking abilities, including a solid spinning back to the body. Waldburger responded with a single leg takedown attempt, but was unable to complete it.

Amagov then landed a heavy punch from the clinch, dropping Waldburger to his knees. Amagov followed it up with several more strikes, finishing off his stunned opponent.