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Dana White Doesn’t Think Nick Diaz Wants to Fight

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Nick Diaz fans worldwide were excited to hear about the possibility of Diaz returning to the octagon for a middleweight bout with Michael Bisping. Despite Diaz stating that he is “Down” for the fight, and Bisping saying he would love to welcome the Stockton hero, UFC president Dana White is not exactly sure that Diaz will fight again.

On the subject of the matchup between the Brit and Diaz, Dana stated in a recent interview that, “I love that fight, I like it. But everything I hear from Nick Diaz is he doesn’t want to fight.”

Not only is the idea of a phenomenal fighter like Nick Diaz retiring at such a young age depressing, it is also confusing. The athlete has had more ups and downs in his career than most, and hasn’t fought since UFC 158, where he dropped a decision to welterweight champion Georges St Pierre. This was after a year long layoff due to a positive drug test for marijuana, following his loss to Carlos Condit.

It appears as if for now, Nick Diaz is looking to stay retired, which is puzzling to most members in the MMA community. Dana White has said that he keeps throwing offers Diaz’s way, and the fighter just keeps shooting them down. It seems that Nick will not come out of retirement unless he is offered a ridiculous amount of money, or he spends up the last of his title fight earnings. Until then it is fair to assume that the Stockton resident will continue to compete in triathlons, which he has stated he prefers over MMA.