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UFC Executive on MMA Judging: ‘Most of the Decisions are Good’

Image via UFC / Getty Images

If that headline doesn’t make your blood boil as an MMA fan, well we don’t know what will.

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner said on Monday that the 10-point must system, the scoring system used in mixed martial arts, is working and he defended its capability to properly score most fights.

“I think it does work,” Ratner said on The MMA Hour. “The problem with that system, whether it be boxing or MMA, is that not all 10-9 rounds are equal. Certainly in a three-round fight, that can skew who wins, but for the most part, most of the decisions are good.”

Ratner added that every so often, the judges are going to make a decision that a lot of MMA fans aren’t going to agree with. He pointed to the fact that judging MMA is much harder to score than boxing, a sport which MMA judges also happen to score.

“Every once in a while, you’re going to get one that certainly goes against public opinion,” he said. “But MMA is harder to judge than boxing, in my opinion, because you have to know what’s going on on the ground.”

The sport of MMA is evolving, Ratner said, and it needs to take more to time to allow judges and other officials to learn the techniques and understand what’s considered good offense and defense.

The 10-point-must system isn’t easy to change, he said, and letting the judges focus on their jobs as opposed to changing the existing rules will show that the current system is just fine.

“It’s an evolving discipline and I think we just have to keep on educating and that’s part of my goals,” he said. “No, I don’t think [the ten-point must system] would be that easy to change. I’m not for the half-point system. I can understand it, but I think if the judges really concentrate and do their job, the ten-point must system can work.”