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New Zealand’s Mark Hunt Explains Why There’s An Australian Flag on the UFC Fight Night 33 Poster

Photo via UFC

Mark Hunt might be from New Zealand, but the marketing materials for UFC Fight Night 33 has him standing in front of an Australian flag. It makes sense from a promotional standpoint, as the event will be taking place in Melbourne, but why is Hunt okay with it?

Hunt explained the situation on Facebook:

“Jus so u know I said It was ok to rep the Australian flag,even though I’m a kiwi.ive been living in Australia for nearly 20 years wife kids are Australian.i call Australia my home.and one of the main reasons Im really proud to rep the Australian flag is cause NZ has never recognized my achievements in my sport the only man to ever win the k-1 world title outside of Europe and will be the only one man to ever do it.i been fighting for 23 years 15 years at the top of the world,and what recognition does NZ give me nothing,so don’t ask me why anymore,I have jus told u.”

Hunt was riding a four fight winning streak before Junior Dos Santos derailed his title aspirations. Now he’s is looking to rebound with an impressive win over Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night 33.

The event will take place on December 7 (December 6 in the US).

  • writerandfighter

    Fuck New Zealand. Bunch of sheep fuckers anyway. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!!

    I know how he feels. I am from Australia, now living in the US, and no one from Roo Land recognizes my achievements as a fighter. It ain’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going.

    • Whoa, mate 😉 I love Oz… I’m sure you’re kidding about the comment you made on the New Zealanders… but it did remind me of this movie “Black Sheep” hahaha http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0779982/

      • writerandfighter

        To an extent, yes. I know Kiwis who admit to it. Kinda weirded me out but yeah. Lol

        I have seen that movie.. haha.. was funny to see Kiwis make a movie taking the piss out of themselves. xD