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Kenny Florian Breaks Down How JDS Can Beat Cain Velasquez This Weekend

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Kenny Florian has some sound advice for Junior Dos Santos as he heads into his heavyweight title fight with Cain Velasquez this weekend.

“The first fight didn’t last long… The second fight was very different,” Florian wrote on FoxSports.com. “Velasquez used forward pressure, head movement, wrestling and a brutal pace to beat up JDS for 25 minutes.”

Florian recommends that JDS focuses on his footwork in this match up, to prevent Velasquez from controlling the pace once again.

“The key to the success of JDS will be his footwork. Dos Santos must stay mobile and circle to his right to avoid that Velasquez right hand that dropped him in Round 1 of the rematch. As he circles, he needs to keep his hands high and mix in feints to confuse Cain.”

KenFlo adds that JDS’s jab will also be instrumental in keeping Velasquez from effectively using his wrestling.

“JDS also needs to utilize the jab to keep Cain on the outside,” Florian wrote. “By utilizing the jab, dos Santos can keep Cain on the outside and force him to take bad takedown attempts from the outside. The jab will also help JDS get off one of his favorite strikes: the right cross.

“Cain combines his second and third attacks very well to help finish his takedowns moving from high crotch to double leg to body lock takedowns. Cain does this best when he has room to drive through his opponents in the center of the cage. It is very important that dos Santos counter those takedowns when Cain does get in on his legs.”

You can read Florian’s entire fight analysis here.

Velasquez and Dos Santos will meet this weekend in the main event of UFC 166.