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Fighting a Co-Worker: The Plight of Rashad Evans

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Beating up your co-workers is, to many folks, a dream come true. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

But fighting a co-worker you’re cool with is tough. That dude you go to lunch with who shares an equal amount of disgust for your jerk of a boss may not be the ideal person you’d want to fight. I mean, that’s your boy, right?!

These are the woes of former UFC champ Rashad Evans. In a recent interview with Fighters Only, Evans said he thinks the fight with Sonnen will be a good one, but has trouble throwing blows with someone he’s cool with.

“Its a good fight and I am excited about it, although Chael is a guy that I am cool with because of our work together on the FOX show. Its going to be difficult in that respect but this is the fight business and in the fight business sometimes you have to fight people you don’t want to fight, that’s just the way it is.”

But if that’s your job, then we guess it’s OK. Still, their cubicles at FOX are probably right next to each other. Imagine:

‘Hey, Chael, how’s things?’

‘Good, Rashad, just chugging away at the ol’ desk here.’

‘Sounds great! Can’t wait to punch you in the face.’

‘Likewise, buddy!’

Yup, that’s awkward.

In any case, Evans is looking at the Sonnen fight as something that will help get him back where he wants to be: title contention. If all goes as well as Evans hopes, he’ll get a second crack at Jon Jones.

“I hit a bit of a slump losing two fights in a row, so now I am getting back on track with my win against Dan Henderson,” he said. “I want to get back in the race, I want to get another fight with Jon Jones, he’s at the top right now and I want to work my way back up there and get another chance to fight him.”