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Jon Jones Did Not Want to Rush Fight with Glover Teixeira, Says UFC 169 Was Too Soon

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

The UFC originally announced that Jon Jones was set to face #1 contender Glover Teixeira at UFC 169, the promotion’s Super Bowl weekend event. However, it seems that this news was a bit premature, and UFC president Dana White was quick to correct the mistake.

“Jones vs. Teixeira is not happening on Super Bowl [weekend]. Our people f—ed up and put that out when they shouldn’t have put that our, because that was never, ever a done deal,” he said. “Our P.R. team jumped the gun on that one.”

While White initially claimed that this was not by request of Jon Jones, a recent interview with the champ seems to disagree.

“[February] was just a little too close,” Jones told Newsday. “I felt like I was rushing a bit, and I talked to my team and everyone suggested I hold off for another month and a half.”

“That last fight was a lot,” he added. “So, I think the time is appropriate. I’m a young guy, and I don’t think it’s really necessary to rush anything.”

Jones also gave an update on his health condition, saying that while hit foot isn’t completely better, his body overall is mostly healed.

“My foot is not 100 percent, but my face and my body feels great,” Jones said. “I felt like it was the biggest win of my career because of [how] hard fought it was. I felt like it was a huge blessing. I’ve always asked for a dogfight. I’ve always looked for a legitimate fight and I got it and it feels good to have that under my belt now. Hopefully in the future I can get back to more dominating ways.”

Jones and Teixeira will now meet sometime in March, although an exact date and event has not been scheduled.