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UFC Fighter Robbed at Gunpoint in Brazil

Photo via UFC / Getty Images

UFC welterweight Yan Cabral was robbed at gunpoint in his native Brazil last Friday, according to a report from a local news outlet.

ODia Especias reported that Cabral was the victim of a robbery in Rua Marques de Abrantes in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro’s south side.

“I’ve lived in Rio 15 years and it never happened [before]. It was a big shock,” the fighter said, following the assault.

The fighter had just finished withdrawing money that he was going to give to his coach, André Pederneiras, when two perpetrators approached him, according to the report. The two assailants put a gun to Cabral’s face, the fighter told the outlet, and stole his bag containing money and training equipment.

The unidentified perps made off with Cabral’s bad using a motorcycle, according to the report. The crime, Cabral said, took place outside of the gym where he trains, Nova Uniao.

Cabral (11-0) recently fought in his UFC debut, a decision win over David Mitchell at UFC Fight Night 29. His teammates at Nova Uniao include Jose Aldo and Renan Barao, among others.