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Spike TV GLORY Kickboxer Says MMA is Just Hugging and Kissing

Pictured: Gokhan Saki. Image via Glory website.

Glory kickboxer Gokhan Saki says MMA is just “hugging and kissing” and not real fighting, in a video promo leading up to Spike TV’s launch of kickboxing on the cable network.

The Dutch-Turksih Saki, (79-16), will fight Rico Verhoeven tonight, Oct. 12 at  GLORY 11, from the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago.

“We gonna show people what real fighting is,” a confident Saki says. “It’s not like MMA, hugging and kissing. It’s only standup. It’s three rounds, three minutes and we fight high-tempo. I am going to show America what real fighting is. They are going to love me after Chicago 11.”

Saki, who comes across as super-confident in the video, has a Twitter handle of @gokhantherebel. Despite his trashing of MMA, he cites his favorite fighter as Fedor Emelianenko.

Saki will be one of the headliners on the card as Spike Debuts kickboxing, in somewhat of a national experiment as to how fighting other than MMA and boxing can fare on the national stage. Spike plans to hold two or three shows per year, at a time when it is already broadcasting Bellator MMA weekly. Along with TNA wrestling on its network, Spike is looking to become an unofficial fight network and hopes that each genre of fighting will rub off on each other and draw readers across multiple brands.

In a sign of Saki’s toughness, he was stopped by Alistair Overeem in 2010 by a vicious leg kick that broke his right arm. Saki never even winced from the blow; he seemly backed away, and told the referee he could not continue. The match took place as part of the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 semifinals.

The Glory show also features a light heavyweight Tournament, with World Champion Tyrone ‘King of the Ring’ Spong (89) vs. Australia’s Muay Thai fighter Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett (57-3), in a grudge rematch.

The event airs at 9 p.m. tonight.


  • Seriously? Last time I tried to hug and kiss someone with a closed fist it didn’t go over too well LOL

    • ThoughtsNsuch


      In my day boxing was everything mainstream wise, but I still looked at every mma event possible from pride to smaller local orgs to ufc.

      A real fan of fighting and martial arts is just that, we don’t discriminate we may like something more than something else but we appreciate it without being disrespectful to another man’s craft. Sad to see Gokhan stoop to gimmicky one-liners his fighting skill should be promotion enough, heck his headliner is even in MMA now doesn’t make much sense out of Saki.

      Lol I never understand why boxing and kickboxing guys want to take a dump on mma fighters, it doesn’t make them look better it makes them look irrelevant and salty toward a more complete set of skills.