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GSP ‘Very Disappointed’ with the UFC, Is Retirement around the Corner?

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is reportedly very unhappy with how the UFC handled the VADA dispute. GSP feels like the UFC more or less threw him under the bus during all of the finger pointing during the disagreement.

“The only thing is that I do not know if they [UFC execs] are willing to support me,” GSP said in an interview with La Presse. “I thought they were ready to support me, but I was disappointed, very disappointed with this turn of events.

“There are things I can not say. I do not want to get back to the UFC because it is my employer. However, I do not take journalists for idiots. They are able to read between the lines. They are able to see what happens.”

GSP feels like the UFC should’ve supported his desire to have himself and his upcoming opponent, Johny Hendricks, tested through VADA. Instead, UFC president Dana White called the champ’s behavior, “a little weird.”

This quote is especially alarming though in light of the recent retirement rumors. If GSP does not feel like the UFC is behind him 100%, that might just give him one more reason to call it quits on his 11 year competitive career.

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