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Plans in Place for UFC European Tour Early Next Year

Pictured: England's Michael Bisping. (Photo via UFC / Getty Images)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will launch a UFC European Tour in an effort to build octagon talent, beginning early next year, according to UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta

Earlier this week, Fertitta appeared on the “UFC: Beyond the Octagon” program and announced plans for the tour, which kicks off in London in the first part of 2014.

“We are going to find some incredibly talented fighters from various countries in this market that someday will probably be a UFC champion,” Fertitta said on the program.

The UFC executive added that the tour will take place throughout major cities and markets in Europe, adding to the company’s plans to have a reported six fight cards in the region next year.

Fertitta did not announce a date and venue for the tour’s kickoff event in England, nor did he say which specific cities the tour would go through thereafter.

The UFC recently started doing tours to promote its upcoming fights, starting with last July’s UFC World Tour that took place in American cities like Los Angeles and New York, among others. The company most recently completed a second World Tour to promote the UFC 168 main event between middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former champion Anderson Silva.