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Top 5 Most WTF Endings in MMA History


There aren’t many ways to end a fight. Sure, submissions and knockouts can be thrilling, but split decisions and injuries are anticlimactic; leaving fighters and fans yearning for more. This is what makes that disturbing, embarrassing or comedic conclusion to a bout so special.

On Oct. 5, Brazilian Claudinei Angelo made his match with Evilasio Silva special for all the wrong reasons. After repeatedly losing his mouthpiece, Angelo was not given time to pick it up and began pacing angrily. Instead of simply quitting and waiting for a decision, he jumped the fence and ran off into the night. It wasn’t an honorable act but it was definitely memorable.

Whether a fighter decides to quit mid-fight, lick blood off his glove, or kiss his opponent, MMA has given us many reasons to say WTF.

#5 Matt Lindland Knocks Himself Out

A fighter that can say they went toe-to-toe with Fedor Emelianenko has earned some respect in MMA circles. Unfortunately for Lindland, his claim to fame wasn’t in fighting Fedor; it was in knocking himself out. At UFC 43, He tried to slam Falankio Vitale and fell back on his head. Lindland fought for eight more years, never earning a knockout as memorable as his own.

#4 Nate Quarry Wins “Fight” Against Kalib Starnes

In one of the largest margins of victory in UFC history, Quarry defeated Starnes at UFC 83. Starnes backed away for most of the fight to the point that Quarry began doing “the running man.” From the video one could tell that Starnes was not pleased, but then again, neither were those watching his performance.

#3 David Gardner Loses After Waving to Crowd

Gardner has been in MMA long enough to know that a fight’s not over until the final bell. At DREAM 7, he began waiving to the Japanese crown while Shinya Aoki locked in a rear naked choke. Gardner never returned to Asia and appropriately earned the nickname “Hello Japan.”

#2 B.J. Penn Licks Blood Off His Gloves

After defeating Joe Stevenson at UFC 80, Penn went full vampire and licked Stevenson’s blood off his gloves. It’s common for a fighter to celebrate with a backflip or by straddling the fence, but Penn’s carnal act is disturbing as it is entertaining. Don’t expect many fighters to have the same blood lust.


#1 Yoshihiro Nakano Kisses Heath Herring; Gets Knocked Out

There is no room for romance in MMA. At K-1’s Dynamite 2005 event, the fighters’ were in a stare down when Nakano leaned in and kissed Herring on the lips. Being a man’s man, Herring threw a right hook and knocked Nakano out cold. The fight was ruled a no contest, but it’s a win for fans who can relieve “the kiss of death” in all its glory.