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Video: Dana White Discusses Cutting Rousimar Palhares


The UFC brass handed Rousimar Palhares his walking papers following his win over Mike Pierce because they want nothing to do with fighters who blatantly disobey the ref’s orders in the fight.

On Thursday night, UFC President Dana White made it clear that Palhares wouldn’t have a job with the UFC. Like in similar  situations from the past, White and company took action.

“You know we’ve had an incident with a guy named Paul Daley from England who hit someone after the fight was over and everyone was in the corner waiting for the decision,” Dana White told ESPN. “He went after and hit the guy, we cut him and he’ll never fight in the UFC ever again. This is the second incident where we ever had was with Palhares where he had the lock and didn’t let it go. Finally, he let it go but I’m going to cut him, too.”

This is actually the third incident the UFC has cut a fighter over inappropriate conduct. Back at UFC 74 in 2007, Renato “Babalu” Sobral held on a choke for too long on David Heath while the ref tried to pull him away.

One thing is for sure: the win Palhares needed to stay alive in the UFC ended up closing the door on his career all because he wouldn’t let go of the submission in time.