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Ryan Couture Blames Himself, Not Feud with Dana White, for UFC Cut


On the heels of two disappointing losses, Ryan Couture, the son of hall of famer Randy Couture, was cut from the UFC.

Many speculated if it was his performance, or if it had something to do with his father’s ongoing feud with UFC president Dana White. It’s probably a little of both, but either way, Ryan Couture doesn’t begrudge the organization.

“I don’t regret the approach we took. I still don’t feel a need to be on anyone’s s— list,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Sports. “Besides, with dad’s schedule and how often he has to be out of town, even the country, there’s no guarantee he would have been able to make my fights anyway. So, it might have been a fight for no reason.”

Ryan is referring to the fact that White banned Randy Couture from attending UFC events, even as Ryan’s corner man.

“My manager got a call from Joe Silva who told him that they liked me and the way I did things but that they have a lot of guys right now and they just don’t have anything for me right now and that I should go build myself back up with some more wins,” he added. “That’s what I expected after losing two fights in a row.”

“I’m disappointed in myself for not performing as well as I could have. I know I can do better.”

Ryan Couture is now 6-3 in his MMA career.