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Fan Poll: UFC 167 GSP vs Hendricks – Who Will Win?

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The time is drawing near.  In Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday November 16th UFC 167 will take place and a bout that many fight fans have been anticipating will finally be held.  Georges St. Pierre, the Canadian phenom, current Welterweight Champion and 32 year old expert grappler with a 24-2 record will face off against Johny Hendricks the 30 year old Oklahoma native, with a devastating left cross and a 15-1 record, who’s reputation for TKOs is only matched by his uniquely characteristic beard!

Hendricks put on quite a show for the fans at UFC 158 when he went all 3 rounds with Carlos Condit.  Although he didn’t knock out the former interim Welterweight Champion he was more than able to hold his own.  Fighting through with a broken hand and not giving an inch to Condit the entire fight he won by unanimous decision.  This match up between St. Pierre and Hendricks should prove to be quite an entertaining bout.

The question is, how will things turn out?  While St. Pierre has a record of title defenses and excellent conditioning, which almost guarantees he will last all 5 rounds (assuming he isn’t knocked out by “Bigg Rigg”), Hendricks on the other hand hasn’t been fighting 5 round bouts.  Making his way to the title shot for the Welterweight championship, will he perform as many have come to expect?

Chose your pick for the win by tapping or clicking on the fighter you want!  See how your pick ranks against other fans’ responses!

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