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Book Review: “The Way Of The Fight” by Georges St-Pierre Insightful and Vivid, but Lacks UFC Discussion


Self-admittedly, Georges St-Pierre is not an author. In fact, he has never written a book before. But these are trivial facts in making “The Way Of The Fight” into what he considers “the greatest book ever written.”

From bullied adolescent to world champion MMA fighter, St-Pierre’s road to success has been long and painful. In “The Way Of The Fight,” he details how fear, philosophy and family have brought perspective to his life. Insight from his mother, coaches and trainers is spun into this work that walks the line between memoir and self-help book.

St-Pierre’s goal is for a reader to find simple yet enlightening advice. He hopes to draw inspiration by setting realistic goals in giving real-life solutions to everyday problems. “Pick a goal, make a realistic plan to reach that goal, work through each step of the plan, and repeat. If it seems like a simple concept, that’s because it is a simple concept.” St-Pierre says. To further his point, he scatters clairvoyant quotes from Greek philosophers Aristotle and Socrates throughout.

While this is an impressive first effort, much of the work is choppy and repetitive. Each chapter is narrated by a member of St-Pierre’s inner-circle and, at times, slows the momentum. Most noticeably, he does not discuss the UFC or Dana White, but this is understandable as badmouthing the company one works for is never a wise choice.

Nevertheless, “The Way Of The Fight” is insightful and, at times, vivid, and the anxiety he feel before and after a fight is transparent. St-Pierre describes the days before a fight as “insufferable,” giving him the feeling of being “covered in the wrong layer of skin.”

The chapter that discusses his training sessions with mentor Kristof Midoux is genuine and depicts a St-Pierre who is still searching for the person he will one day become. St-Pierre the author doesn’t just describe Midoux as a mentor, but as a proud character who countered GSP’s way of thinking.

St-Pierre falls short of writing the greatest book ever, but his unattainable knack for inspiring and storytelling is evident. A second book would go a long way in proving that he is the best pound-for-pound author to step foot in the octagon.

“The Way Of The Fight” was released on hardcover last April, but will be released on paperback in November.