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Brown Says He Will Fight St-Pierre and Hendricks at the Same Time


The last two years have been very kind to Matt Brown. Six straight victories to go along with five knockouts have the former The Ultimate Fighter participant listed as one of the UFC’s top ten welterweights. Add “Fight of the Night” and “Knockout of the Night” honors and any man would share Brown’s sense of invincibility.

At a press conference to promote his UFC on Fox 9 match with Carlos Condit, Brown was asked if he would rather face Georges St-Pierre or Johny Hendricks, and like a man who hasn’t lost in nearly two years, Brown uttered “Both of them. I’ll fight them both at once.”

Brown’s recent track record is impressive, but not nearly impressive enough to challenge either the UFC welterweight champion, St-Pierre, or its No. 1 contender Hendricks. His most noteworthy victory was in December 2012 when he knocked out MMA veteran Mike Swick. Other than that, most of his victories have come against men hanging on to a spot on the UFC roster.

According to Brown, his title shot is only a victory away.

“He’s ranked number two so if I beat him I should be ranked number one, right? Or at least number two. Absolutely, no question about it. I think so, I don’t know who else is in the division.” Brown said when asked about his fight with Condit this December.

As unrealistic as fighting two men at the same time sounds, it is far more realistic that Brown’s chance of gaining a title shot in the near future.