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Faber Says McDonald’s Brother Trained with Team Alpha


Northern California-based Team Alpha Male has made a name for itself with high-profile names like UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber. At yesterday’s UFC on FOX 9 press conference, Faber spoke about his upcoming matchup with Michael McDonald and admitted to training with McDonald’s younger brother, Brad.

“Michael’s little brother, who’s a gangster, decided to come up one time when he was 17,” Faber said. “We let anyone come in the gym. We know how we roll so it’s not like we’ll let any secrets go or anything like that. His brother camped out for like two days, all day in the gym, sparred everybody just like a savage, man. I was really impressed with him.”

Brad McDonald hasn’t held a professional fight outside of California, but holds a respectable 8-4 MMA record. He may have visited Team Alpha, but the younger McDonald chose to stay near his older brother in signing with Last Stand Fight Team.

When asked if he ever considered recruiting Michael for Team Alpha Male, Faber stated that he is not one to approach a fighter.

“I don’t really go out and do that as far as recruiting,” Faber said. “It’s usually somebody kind of comes and shows some interest and then we let them come out. And if they can hang, they can hang. I give guys opportunities if they want them but I don’t actually recruit like that.”

Had Brad joined Team Alpha Male, it would be interesting to see whether his allegiance lay when his brother and Faber face off in December.