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Anthony Pettis to Younger Brother Sergio: Don’t Get Hurt, ‘Mom’s Gonna be Pissed’


Fresh off his upset title victory over Benson Henderson, UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis is doing a lot of talking. Much of it , however, is not about himself, but about his 20-year-old  little brother, Sergio.

At a UFC on FOX 9 news conference, the current lightweight champ talked about his kid brother, who just signed with the UFC.

“When he chose to follow my path my mom put it on me,” the elder Pettis said. “She said ‘if he gets hurt it’s on you.’ So right away I am like ‘man you better not get hurt out there because my mom’s gonna be pissed.'”

Pettis said he gets more nervous about his brother’s fights than his own.

“So when he fights, it’s out of my control,” Pettis said. “When I’m fighting it’s all in my hands. I control my destiny at that time.  When he’s in there I am on the sidelines just like anyone else screaming at him.”

Pettis said his younger sibling belongs inside MMA’s biggest promotion.

“One thing about my little brother man is he puts in the time,” Pettis said. “He puts in the work. He’s in the gym all the time. He’s only 20 years old. He deserves a shot at the UFC. He won’t disappoint. I think he’s going to have a very good career in the UFC.”

Known as “The Phenom,” Sergio Pettis (9-0) will fight Vaughan Lee (13-9) at UFC 167, Nov. 16, in Las Vegas. Anthony Pettis (17-2) will fight former Strikeforce lightweight hampion Josh Thomson (20-5) at UFC on Fox 9 on Dec. 14, in Sacramento.

Thomson earlier this year TKO’d Nate Diaz with a kick and punches. Pettis submitted Henderson with an armbar in August to earn the UFC 155-pound title.