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Cat Zingano Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy for Her Knee Injury

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

UFC women’s bantamweight contender Cat Zingano has been having a heck of a time getting through her knee injury. She’s been sidelined for several months already, giving up a gig as a TUF coach as well as the next title fight with current champion Ronda Rousey.

In an additional stroke of bad luck, it turns out her other knee might be injured as well, which doctors will attempt to fix with a procedure later today.

On the most recent episode of UFC Tonight, Zingano discussed the injury, and said that she’s hopefully only about four months out.

“I am about three and a half months out (from the original injury),” Zingano said. “I went to my doctor on Monday. He said that I’m right on track, so I should be coming back in another four months, something like March or April.”

Interestingly, Zingano will now undergo stem cell therapy in an effort to avoid having clean up surgery.

“My left knee, because I think for the compensation for taking care of my right knee, has been taking a little bit more wear and tear than it was used to. So I’m going to have a procedure done with stem cells [on Thursday] that is going to be in place of having clean-up surgery instead.”

Her doctors believe that she can return to full training in about three months, and active competition within six.

Zingano is hopeful that she’ll be paired with the winner of the Ronda Rousey – Mieshda Tate rematch slated for December.