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Anderson Silva Would Give up Fighting If He Had to Face Lyoto Machida

Photo credit unknown, via enlapalea.com.

Superfight possibilities surrounded former middleweight champion Anderson Silva constantly during his seven-year reign of terror in the UFC. Some fans wanted to see him drop weight and fight welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, while others preferred to see him face one of the various light heavyweight champs that held the belt during that time (including the current titleholder Jon Jones).

Silva has so far been uninterested in a cross-divisional superfight, but even if he was, there’s one top fighter that he never even considered fighting. His friend and training partner, Lyoto Machida, once held the top spot in the light heavyweight division, and very soon will be making a transition to middleweight.

If Silva reclaims his belt in December, and Machida makes a big splash in the weight class, there are going to be some awkward moments between the two.

At a recent UFC World Tour press conference, UFC president Dana White said that he doesn’t think Silva would back down from a fight with Machida.

“Anderson Silva is an interesting man,” White said. “When you get to know Anderson, Anderson cares about the guys that he trains with and everything else, but don’t ever kid yourself on the type of competitor that he is.

“He isn’t where he is today because he’s not a competitor. So when you ask questions about people that he’s friends with and people that he respects, of course that’s what he’s going to say.

“But I truly believe, myself, when it comes down to it and let’s say Machida comes in at 185 pounds and Anderson Silva has the title and Lyoto Machida makes the decision that he wants his title, I think you’ll see the competitor in Anderson Silva come out.”

Silva immediately disagreed, though.

“I’ve already said it and I’ll say it again, Lyoto and myself, we are brothers, Lyoto and myself,” he said. “‘Jacare’ and myself, we are friends, camp friends. We have a code of honor amongst ourselves, which is we don’t fight against ourselves regardless of wins or losses, or money, fame or not.

“I would give up fighting if necessary if I had to fight against Lyoto.”

Machida will debut at middleweight on Oct. 26 against Mark Munoz in the main event of UFC Fight Night 30.

Silva, meanwhile, will attempt to win back the middleweight title against Chris Weidman at UFC 168 on Dec. 28.