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Joe Rogan Blasts MMA’s 10-Point-Must System

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Joe Rogan is the latest in a string of critics hoping to see changes in the way MMA judging is handled. Rogan doesn’t want to see changes made to the current system though, he wants an entirely new method of scoring fights, one tailored specifically to the sport.

“Scoring is very flawed,” Rogan said on a recent a FOX Sports Podcast. “It’s flawed in a bunch of different ways. The biggest reason it’s flawed is because of the 10-point must system which was adopted from boxing. That might work in a 12-round fight. Twelve, three-minute rounds is very different than three, five-minute rounds. Three, five minute rounds, you’re going 10-9 on rounds that either guy could win and then the next round a guy could get taken down, busted up, dropped, and you score that a 10-9 as well. That makes no f—ing sense. The system in place right now, the scoring system, is from boxing and they need to develop one just for MMA.”

Rogan went on to blame the athletic commissions, who oversee the rules of the sport.

“The [athletic commissions] don’t do s—. The athletic commissions do a woefully inadequate job on several levels. The UFC can’t dictate who judges. the UFC can’t dictate who referees. The UFC can’t dictate what the rules are. They can’t do anything. They can work with the commission to try to give suggestions and come up with ways around problems, but ultimately it’s the job of the athletic commission.”

Rogan raises some compelling points, although the road to developing an entirely new system from scratch will be a long one to say the least.